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A Clean Energy Future for Central Asia

The Brussels Energy Club and the diplomatic missions of the Central Asian nations in Brussels organized the first conference in a hybrid format (in-person and online) on energy security and sustainability addressing the entire Central Asian region.


Building New Partnerships to Deliver the

Energy Transition in a Rapidly Growing Region

Download agenda:

Central Asian Energy Day Brussels - 4 July 2023 - Agenda_final
Download PDF • 379KB


Central Asia is an important region of Eurasia with increasing relevance for the EU from the perspective of connectivity, trade, and energy cooperation. The region is strategically located between Europe, China, Russia, and South Asia, as a trade and investment crossroads. Central Asia is also an important source of energy diversification and supply for international markets. Additionally, Central Asia is a region with great potential for the development of clean energy, where existing water resources, as well as conventional fuels, can be employed to enable decarbonization processes. It is a region of Eurasia that will continue to invite investment from abroad in order to stimulate domestic economies and regional growth, whilst also providing international partners with opportunities to shape the development of its energy markets.


High-level addresses

Dr. Marat Terterov

Moderator, Principal Representative, Brussels Energy Club

Watch the speech

Dr Bahadir Kaleagasi

Honorary Chairman, Brussels Energy Club, former-Secretary General, TUSIAD (online)

Watch the speech

Margulan Baimukhan

Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the EU

Watch the speech

Aidit Erkin

Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan to the EU

Watch the speech

Sapar Palvanov

Ambassador of Turkmenistan to the EU

Watch the speech

Dilyor Khakimov

Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the EU

Watch the speech

Firdavs Usmonov

Councellor, Chargé d'affaires,

Embassy of Tajikistan in Belgium

Watch the speech

Tomáš Zdechovsky

MEP, incoming Chair, DCAS, European Parliament

Watch the speech

Terhi Hakala

EU Special Representative for Central Asia, EEAS

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In-depth country and regional-level presentations:

Panel: Renewable energy investment

in Central Asia (regional cooperation)

Watch the panel

Moderator: Dr. Marat Terterov, Principal Representative, Brussels Energy Club

Panel contributors:


Senior Advisor, Brussels Energy Club (online)

Watch Mehmet Öğütçü's presentation

Almazbek Tuganbaev, Acting Head of the Department of Energy Efficiency and Development of Renewable Energy Sources of the Ministry of Energy of the Kyrgyz Republic (online)

Watch Almazbek Tuganbaev's presentation

Aziz Khamidov

Head of Department of Energy and Chemicals, Ministry of Investments, Industry and Trade of Uzbekistan (online)

Watch Aziz Khamidov's presentation

Sapar Palvanov

Ambassador of Turkmenistan to the EU

Watch Sapar Palvanov's presentation

Aliya Shalabekova

KMG National Company

Watch Aliya Shalabekova's presentation

Presentation of Alya Shalabekova KMG
Download PDF • 611KB

Thomas Schleker

DG Research & Innovation, C1 Clean Energy Transition, European Commission

Watch Thomas Schleker's presentation

Presentation of Thomas Schleker
Download PDF • 1.57MB

Pierre Tardieu

Chief Policy Officer, WindEurope

Watch Pierre Tardieu's presentation

Panel: Donors, technical assistance, and investment

for regional-level development (clean energy)

Watch the panel


Nadežda Kokotović

Director, Brussels Energy Club

Panel Contributors:

Nurlan Kapenov


Qazaq Green Association

Presentation of Nurlan Kapenov. Development of renewables in Kazakhstan
Download PDF • 1.45MB

Stefano Signore

Head of Unit,

DG International Partnerships, F1 – Climate Change and Sustainable Energy, Nuclear Safety, European Commission

Watch Stefano Signore's presentation

Daulet Zhakupov

Senior Engineer,

Department of Alternative Energy,

KMG Engineering, Kazakhstan (online)

Watch Daulet Zhakupov's presentation

D.Zhakupov KMG Engineering
Download PDF • 1.06MB

Vadim Sinitsa

Principal Banker, Energy Eurasia MEA,

Sustainable Infrastructure Group, EBRD

Watch Vadim Sinitsa's presentation

Alexander Antonyuk

Energy Representative, Eastern Partnership Countries,

European Investment Bank (Online)

Watch Alexander Antonyuk's presentation

Ekaterina Galitsyna

Director, Head of CIS Region,

KfW IPEX-Bank GmbH (online)

Watch Ekaterina Galitsyna's presentation

Presentation of Ekaterina Galitsyna
Download PDF • 1.02MB

Paulius Kuncinas

Principal, Oxon Capital Ltd, London/Singapore (online)

Watch Paulius Kuncinas's presentation

Panel: Hydro and natural gas

Watch the panel

Moderator: Dr. Marat Terterov, Principal Representative, Brussels Energy Club

Panel contributors:

Olim Azimov, Acting Head, International Department, Ministry of Energy and Water Resources, Republic of Tajikistan (online)

Watch Olim Azimov's presentation

Igor Zgurov

Chairman of the Board, Vema Carbon

Watch Igor Zgurov's presentation

Pierre-Paul Antheunissens

General Director, EDF Central Asia (online)

Watch Pierre-Paul Antheunissens's presentation

Jan Haizmann

Secretary-General, Zero Emissions Traders Alliance;

Advisory Board Member, Brussels Energy Club

Watch Jan Haizmann's presentation

Roxana Caliminte

Deputy-Secretary General,

Gas Infrastructure Europe (online)

Watch Roxana Caliminte's presentation

Panel: Green hydrogen, solar energy, wind,

and other new clean renewable alternatives

Watch the panel

Moderator: Nadezda Kokotovic, Director, Brussels Energy Club

Panel Contributors:

Luca Giansanti


Head of European Government Affairs, Eni

Watch Luca Giansanti's presentation

Ainur Tumysheva


Watch Ainur Tumysheva's presentation

Razi Nurullayev

Member of the Parliament of Azerbaijan,

Chairman, "REGION" International Analytical Center (RIAC)

Watch Razi Nurullayev's presentation

David Hardy

Member of the Board of Directors,

British-Kazakh Society (Online)

Watch David Hardy's presentation

Presentation of David Hardy
Download PDF • 424KB

Jean De Brabander

Senior Advisor for Eurasia,

Brussels Diplomatic Academy

Watch Jean De Brabander's presentation

Chris Cook

Senior Research Fellow,

Institute for Strategy Resilience and Security,

University College, London

Marcus Saul

Senior Research Fellow,

Institute for Strategy Resilience and Security,

University College London, IslandPower

Watch Chris Cook's and Marcus Saul's presentation

Presentation of Chris Cook and Marcus Saul
Download PDF • 3.67MB

Closing keynote and summary of

conference outcomes by the moderators

  • H.E Tomáš Zdechovský MEP, incoming Chair, DCAS, European Parliament

  • Nadezda Kokotovic, Director, Brussels Energy Club

  • Dr Marat Terterov, Principal Representative, Brussels Energy Club

Watch the closing of the conference

Media coverage

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In Russian:

Orient: В Брюсселе представлен потенциал Туркменистана в формировании чистой энергетики будущего Развитие энергосектора в ЦА – в объединении усилий

Dunyo: В Брюсселе обсуждены вопросы энергетической безопасности и устойчивого развития всего региона Центральной Азии

In Kazakh: ЕО жасыл энергетиканы дамытуға мүдделі

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