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Jean de Brabander

Business Development Advisor, Belgian Renewable Energy Group

Jean de Brabander is a Business Development Advisor at the Belgian Renewable Energy Group. He has a diverse educational background, starting with his Latin-Greek education at Sint-Barbara College Gent, a Bachelor's degree in Law at the Université Catholique de Namur, followed by a Master's degree in Law at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Jean further expanded his knowledge by obtaining a Master's degree in Law and Economics at the Université Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve in 1990-1991.

Jean's professional journey began in 1990 as a trainee company lawyer at NV ETERNIT. He then worked as an international trader at NV INRECO and BVBA DUVEPAC from 1991 to 1991. After completing his military service in 1992, he established JUCON, where he has been practicing as a lawyer owner ever since. In addition to his legal career, Jean holds various honorary positions, including serving as the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Malta since 2018.

Jean de Brabander has actively participated in several organizations and clubs throughout his career. He was a former member of Round Table and Kiwanis International. He is currently a member of the Business Club 2000 Tienen, Cercle International Diplomatique and Consular Brussels, and the Belgian Diplomatic Club. Furthermore, he serves as an advisor to the Brussels Diplomatic Academy at VUB University Brussels, where he coordinates the pillar of Technology, Science, and Innovation Diplomacy.

With his extensive expertise, Jean specializes in various legal domains, including international mediation, international drone law, corporate law, contract law, commercial law, construction law, and insurance law.

Jean de Brabander
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