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Razi Nurullayev

Member of the Parliament of Azerbaijan

Razi Nurullayev, founder of "Region" International Analytical Centre (RIAC) (previously known as Society of Democratic Reforms), which has been one of the vanguards of civic society and political development in Azerbaijan. The organisation under his leadership in partnership with Liberal and Labour parties of the Netherlands trained over 800 social, political movement activists on leadership, development, innovation, crisis management, electoral campaigning and other important issues, tens of whom now hold several higher positions in society.

Since 2010, he was the senior expert helping with RIAC’s work and innovations in the civil society sector. He has served in the Boards of several international and national organisations, movements and coalitions. Hundreds of his articles, interviews have been published both nationally and internationally.

Since 1999 until now, he initiated, managed, evaluated and successfully implemented hundreds of national and international projects in parallel consulting the international organizations on how to work in Azerbaijan. He closely worked with Council of Europe, collaborated with the United States Institute of Peace, Open Society Institute, Conflict Studies Research Centre from UK, British, International Alert from the UK, OXFAM/N(o)vib, International Centre for Non-violent Conflict from the USA, Albert Einstein Institution from the USA and etcetera.

Since 1999 until now Razi Nurullayev attended over hundreds of conferences, Forums and other events worldwide counting to visit of over 60 countries. In several conferences, his counterparts were former presidents, Prime ministers, MPs and other well-known public figures.

Razi Nurullayev ran for presidential elections in 2018 having nominated by several political forces.

Razi Nurullayev
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