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Daulet Zhakupov

Senior Engineer, Department of Alternative Energy,
KMG Engineering

Daulet Zhakupov is an expert in energy generation decarbonization via waste utilization and low-carbon hydrogen production. During his time at KMG Engineering, where he has been employed since April 2022, Daulet serves as a Senior Engineer in the Competence Center for Hydrogen Energy. His responsibilities include strategic communications with partners, policy analysis, and optimizing the process of low-carbon hydrogen production.

Daulet's expertise in modeling energy generation systems using Aspen Plus and conducting R&D for hydrogen production demonstrates his comprehensive understanding of the field. Prior to his current role, Daulet worked as a part-time Research Assistant at Nazarbayev University from February 2020 to September 2022. He also held a part-time position at the Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System from March 2018 to October 2020, further contributing to his research experience. Mr. Zhakupov holds a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering from Nazarbayev University.

Daulet Zhakupov
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