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Workshop on Power Market Reforms based on the New Electricity Law of Azerbaijan

The Brussels Energy Club has participated in the Workshop on Power Market Reforms based on the New Electricity Law of Azerbaijan, which took place March 12-14, 2024 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Concept Note:

This capacity-building executive training event aims to help decision-makers and technical experts in Azerbaijan to successfully pursue power market reforms in their country. In particular, this specialised training will support power sector stakeholders in Azerbaijan to pursue efficient implementation of the new Electricity Law, which came into force on 1 January 2024. The training will present the experience of power market reform in a select group of benchmark countries and assess how European as well as international experience can be incorporated into Azerbaijan’s reform process. More specifically, the training workshop aims to present the European experience related to the implementation of the Third Energy Package, independent regulators, cross-border cooperation, an open and fair retail market, transparent and efficient market rules and unbundling to support the implementation of the new Electricity Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Overall objectives:

To support the Ministry of Energy of Azerbaijan and other related stakeholders in the implementation of the power trade reform and unbundling processes as mandated by the new Electricity Law. This objective will be delivered through the format of the training, which will include expert presentations, roundtable discussions and interactive discussions with the participants.

Specific objectives:

1. To enhance participants' understanding of the broader context of European power market reforms and how these reforms were implemented in selected EU and/or non-EU countries;

2. To illustrate lessons learned from unbundling and power market rules development/ evolution in order to ensure the efficient implementation of the new Electricity Law of Azerbaijan;

3. To speak the same language, to bridge gaps and to use common terminology within power market reform processes as envisaged by the new Electricity Law;

4. To improve the knowledge and capacity of the officials of power companies involved in the implementation, development and promotion of power market reform in Azerbaijan.


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