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Executive Training - Global Gas and LNG Markets: Contracting and Pricing

Date: Wednesday, 18 January 2023, 10 AM - 5 PM

Venue: TUSIAD, Avenue des Gaulois 13, Brussels 1040

Global Gas and LNG Markets: Contracting and Pricing

In-person event


During this highly specialized interactive one-day training workshop, we have looked at all main aspects of the global and European LNG markets, with a focus on contracting, pricing and shipping. The workshop addressed LNG supply and demand; LNG contracting issues (including how the contracting model has changed drastically since 2019); long-term Vs. hub purchasing; issues of gas and LNG pricing; the difference between various export and import markets; the impact of US LNG exports in 2016 on the global market; the impact of the war in Ukraine on the gas and LNG market. We also looked at LNG shipping and the development of offshore technologies such as FSRUs and FLNG.

Why participate in this program

Commercial transactions in the global gas and particularly LNG markets are becoming evermore complex with compounded financial and legal risks. As the entire value chain of LNG procurement is becoming more complicated, a thorough understanding of contracting and pricing in global LNG markets remains a key determinant of commercial success.

In 2023 Europe will continue to be one of the key players on the global LNG market and it is becoming more pertinent for European policy experts to understand this sector.

This short yet comprehensive training course was designed to enable energy professionals to come to grips with the key drivers of price determination and contract structures in the global LNG trade.

Course participants took away a sound understanding of LNG contract negotiating positions, allowing them to make the right decisions on sourcing and negotiating on future contracts from a position of strength and knowledge.

Benefits of attending and key takeaways

  • Interactive learning experience of global LNG market structures

  • Gain a profound understanding of LNG transactions between buyer and seller

  • Develop deep insights into the operational, commercial and legal basis of LNG contracts

  • Obtain an appreciation for pricing principles and price indexation in competitive global LNG markets

  • Glance into techniques of LNG contracting negotiation

  • Grasp pricing methods and determining factors for LNG and gas markets

  • Mitigate against geopolitical and other risk factors in LNG procurement

  • Ultimately, make better and more competent decisions in the energy trade

Core features

  • Four core LNG learning modules packed into one intensive day of training

  • Instruction and high-level expertise from one of the top international gas experts

  • A fully interactive training with open discussion and plenty of time for questions

  • Dynamic and international learning environment in the heart of Brussels

  • Strong networking opportunities with other energy p