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The Great Gas Game — what has and hasn't changed since 1968

5 December 2019, 4-7 PM CET

TUSIAD Avenue des Gaulois, 13, Brussels 1040

As 2019 draws to a close, another contract on the gas transit through Ukraine will expire at the end of this year. The "great gas crisis" of January 2009 triggered different developments in the gas sector within the EU, Russia, and Ukraine respectively. Today's European gas market is not the market that was ten years ago and we have witnessed some exciting, occasionally turbulent times that we consider unique. That said, the history of relations between the EU and Russia in the gas sector is much longer than ten years ago and in fact, goes back to 1968 when the first gas was supplied from the Soviet Union to Europe.  The Russian gas experts, Konstantin Simonov and Alexey Grivach have just published a book The Great Gas Game, which provides a thrilling account overviewing of the history of these relations.

  • Simonov and Grivach ask many poignant questions in this new work on the EU-Russia gas sector: How did the Urengoy — Uzhgorod gas pipeline running through Ukraine come into existence? What was the very first route through which Soviet gas was intended to reach Europe? Which OMV director had the nickname Mr. Compression Station? How many pages did the first contract on gas supplies to Europe contain? How did the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia impact the first gas supplies to Europe? When was the system of long term gas contracts based on oil-indexed prices initially established? The authors traveled widely in Europe and Russia to dig through archives and talk to the pioneers of these projects and find answers to these and many other questions. Konstantin Simonov and Alexey Grivach shared with us the most vital findings of their work on the five-decade-long history of EU-Russia gas relations during this BREC meeting on 5 December.


  • Presentations by Konstantin Simonov and Alexey Grivach: Everything you ever wanted to know about the history of the EU-Russia relations in gas sector and more.

  • Roundtable discussion with members and guests of the Brussels Energy Club (NB: the Chatham House Rule will apply).


BREC 5_Dec_2019_ Great Gas Game book presentation eng
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