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Konstantin Simonov

Founder and Director General of the National Energy Security Fund
First VP and Professor at the Financial University, Moscow

Konstantin Simonov is a leading Russian "new generation" political scientist and public expert on energy. He holds a PhD in political science from Moscow State University (MSU) and an MA from Manchester University. Currently holding the title of Associate Professor at MSU, he has been engaged in academic research in the fields of political and economic studies for over 15 years. Simonov has founded several research initiatives in the sphere of international relations, the latest being the Russian National Energy Security Foundation, established in 2006. He is presently the Director General of the Foundation. His work focuses on Russian domestic politics, above-ground risk for the Russian energy sector, as well as elite politics inside Russia. Simonov has authored countless works published in the Russian and international media, including his regular editorials which appear in the leading Russian business-daily, Vedemosti. Simonov is a prolific participant in international oil and gas conference circuit meetings, whilst his presence as a frank and hard hitting energy commentator is felt both inside Russia and well beyond the country's borders.

Konstantin Simonov
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