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Natural gas developments in the EastMed

Israeli gas assets, proposed pipelines, and a case for LNG

26 June 2017, 4 - 8 PM CET

TUSIAD Avenue des Gaulois 13, Brussels 1040

Much has happened since our last meeting on EastMed gas which took place in the BREC format a couple of years back. New discoveries in Egypt have become the main talking point, while a feasibility study on a new, large-scale pipeline linking the region to EU suppliers has been completed. Diversification of supply sources, as was the case when we last met to discuss the EastMed area, remains a key concern in Brussels.

But are we any closer to realizing EastMed gas projects to bolster EU energy security than we were at the time of our last meeting? The jury is still out when it comes to this question. Israel remains bullish on its gas assets and continues to seek a means and ways to realise their exploitation avec international partners. Pipeline projects are currently being discussed, while LNG is becoming perhaps an even more viable option. That said, the discovery of massive new (gas) fields in Egyptian waters may add an air of complexity to the realisation of Israeli projects. Will such projects fly? Which ones will work, and in which direction will the molecules flow? We highly enjoyed this BREC meeting, on June 26, when Israel's former-Energy Minister, Joseph Paritzky, enlightened us on all of this and much more.


  • Setting out the debate by Dr Marat Terterov, Brussels Energy Club,

  • Presentation by Joseph Paritzky starting at 16.30

  • Special comments on the LNG markets by Wim Groenendijk, President of LNG Europe association

  • Roundtable discussion with meeting participants (NB: the Chatham House Rule will apply).


Former-Minister of Energy & National Infrastructure of Israel

Member of the Israeli Knesset 1999-2006




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