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Gazprom on the European market: new gas pipelines and old gas transit

20 February 2020, 4-7 PM CET

TUSIAD Avenue des Gaulois, 13, Brussels 1040

At the beginning of 2020, while an integrated climate and energy agenda dominates the energy debate in Brussels, the subject of Gazprom has become somewhat of a blind spot. Yet the role of Gazprom in the European energy security discussion has hardly diminished in reality. There are multiple challenges that the Russian gas giant, as well as European consumers, need to address as we enter the new year. While some of the architects of European energy policy in Brussels would argue that we are well prepared for any market anomalies, a better understanding of how Gazprom's new gas supply arteries will impact the European gas market is in order.

Taking this into account, in this BREC session on February 20, Dr Jack Sharples from Oxford presented us with a thorough outlook for Gazprom's position on the European gas markets into the medium term. In particular, he took a close look at the likely impact of the Nord Stream II and Turkish Stream gas pipelines on the composition of supply-demand in the European gas markets. He also assessed the future outlook for gas transit via Ukraine and Belarus, in an effort to evaluate how the main gas supply routes to Europe from the east will evolve into the near term. Much of this discussion will continue to pose a challenge to both Europe and to Gazprom alike into the foreseeable future, as debates about the role of gas in Europe's future energy mix are set to heighten further.

In delivering his presentation, Dr Sharples drew upon his substantial expertise on this subject and longstanding authorship of the monthly report, the Gazprom Monitor, which is published monthly by the European Geopolitical Forum and reached the milestone 100th edition in September 2019.


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Research Fellow, Natural gas research program .

Oxdord Institute of Energy Studies (OIES)

Author of the monthly Gazprom Monitor




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