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Europe as a new frontier for American oil and gas

The Brussels Energy Club is pleased to announce that it co-hosted a partner meeting and roundtable expert discussion with the Houston Energy Club in Texas

5 April 2016, 5 - 8:30 PM

The Houston Club, 910 Louisiana Street, One Shell Plaza Suite 4900 Houston, Texas, USA

Background info

In Europe, policy shapers want it to happen. Furthermore, in light of the Continent's energy security trepidations with "certain third countries", many literally expect it to happen. But now that the 40-year-old ban on US oil exports has been lifted, will Europe become a new frontier for American oil and gas exports? The European Commission in Brussels, with its Energy Union concept, is seeking to build a European energy market based around the pillars of diversification, security of supply and decarbonisation. The first two elements of this strategy should now be a case of "music to the ears" of US hydrocarbons producers, given the political support that exists in Europe for the prospect of American energy deliveries as part of the diversification of supply. Indeed, given our shared values on either side of the Atlantic, we in Europe are conditioned to think that American energy exports can go a long way in mitigating our multiple energy security concerns.

Neither values nor pre-conditioned mindsets are sufficient to build a thriving trans-Atlantic oil and gas trade, however. The "invisible hand" will also play a role. In fact pricing, supply chains, and FDIs in infrastructure enhancement will arguably play the key role. Despite the abundance of hydrocarbons produced in the US since the onset of the shale revolution, and a regulatory green light for their export abroad, US energy producers will have to compete hard with Europe's existing energy suppliers. Europe's incumbent suppliers, while not always in favor politically in Brussels, continue to hold no shortage of aces up their sleeve, particularly if a future trans-Atlantic energy trade is to be governed by markets just as much as it will be shaped by politics. Energy is one of those quintessential sectors of the global economy that we tend to see no less through the prism of policy, rather that purely through a market lens, however, so this debate is only starting.

As for the question of whether Europe will now emerge as a new frontier for US oil and gas exports, in light of the lifting of the US oil export ban, thank you for joining us at the Houston Club on April 5. Leading corporate members of the Brussels Energy Club, representing a wide spectrum of Europe's energy industry assessed whether the emergence of a trans-Atlantic energy trade will have game-changing implications for global energy markets. The combined meeting of the Brussels and Houston Energy Clubs on April 5 was a unique opportunity to exchange views with leading players in the field and obtain real insights on a topic that is likely to set the tone for trans-Atlantic energy business for a generation.


  • Welcoming remarks by Dr Marat Terterov, Executive Director, Brussels Energy Club and Dr Francesco Stipo, President, Houston Energy Club

  • Presentations by special guest speakers, Corey Grindal and Wim Groenendijk

  • Roundtable-style moderated conversation with meeting participants

  • Event photograph and separate interviews with US media outlets

  • Supper buffet reception and networking opportunities with the speakers will follow the interactive discussionsOur traditional networking reception with gala buffet will follow the main discussions


Download PDF • 1.27MB

Opening remarks:

Executive Director, Brussels Energy Club

President, Houston Energy Club & Global Energy Associate, Brussels Energy Club


Vice president of supply at Cheniere Energy

Vice President for International Affairs and Regulation at N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie

Vice President of Energy Commodities and Advisory Services for FearnOil Inc.

Chief of Staff for the United States Department of Energy"s Office of Fossil Energy

Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer, Frontera Resources, Houston

Chief Commercial Officer, BP, LNG Americas organization, Houston



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