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Michael Moore

Vice President of Energy Commodities and Advisory Services, FearnOil Inc.

Michael Moore is the Vice President of Energy Commodities and Advisory Services for FearnOil Inc., a Houston-based division of the Norwegian firm Astrup-Fea rnley based in Oslo. Mr. Moore works on development of energy resources and commodities, CO2-EOR, CCUS, infrastructure, technology advancement and related advisory services as well as related energy advocacy work in policy/regulations at Federal and State levels. In addition to FearnOil Inc., Mr. Moore is the Executive Director of The North American Carbon Capture Storage Association (NACCSA) in Washington, DC since 2008. He has more than 30 years of energy (oil, gas, coal, power, CO2, carbon) experience in brokering, marketing, business development and strategy.

December 2015 was awarded the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit by the King Harald V Norway.

Michael Moore
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