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Energy security in Europe: Towards Mediterranean gas hubs?

Partner meeting with Bosphorus Institute and ASCPE-Les Entretiens Européens

2 April 2015, 3:30 - 6:30 PM CET

TUSIAD Avenue des Gaulois 13, Brussels 1040

Energy security is a priority of the Energy Union. What are the objectives? To reduce our energy costs, consumption of fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions? To end our energy dependence vis-à-vis Russia? These questions arise in a context of declining global crude oil prices, in a complex and tense regional context, with a reconfiguration of alliances between countries in the region (Russia / Turkey / Caspian Sea/ Middle East / North Africa), and European situation made even more difficult with the Greek question.

Europe proposes to diversify sources and supply routes and strengthen dialogue with North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean to build a gas hub in southern Europe: Algeria, Turkey? Should we not also resume dialogue with Russia and rethink interdependencies to go to new relationships and cooperation with all countries in the area? To answer these questions and give us their analysis, we appeal to:

Houda ALLAL, Director General of OME - Mediterranean Observatory of Energy

Samuele FURFARI, European Commission

Abdenour KERAMANE, former minister of mines and industry of Algeria

Rashad NOVRUZ, Mission ofAzerbaijanto the EU

Cenk PALA, Trans-Adriatic Pipeline Turkey representative

Dimitry SEMENOV, Russian Mission to the EU

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