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BREC presents the International Smart City Congress in Algiers 21-23 June 2022

10 February 2022

In partnership with Symbiose Communication Environment and Event One Solutions International, Brussels Energy Club presents a unique green energy exhibition and dialogue platform in Algeria:


The Congress consists of the exhibition and the conference intended for the corporations, policymakers, and experts to gather, show, and discuss how the energy transition will unfold in the MENA countries and Africa in the current decade.

In 2021, the Algerian Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energy launched its strategy based on three key pillars: energy efficiency and energy savings, development of renewable energies and development of the national energy model. In terms of energy efficiency and savings, Algeria is focusing on the development of the least polluting and most available substitution fuels: LPG, LPG/Gasoil and CNG. In addition, the paramount goal is green hydrogen development. All available renewable resources are targeted for a clean energy mix (solar, wind, biomass, geothermal energy, biogas, wood.) The national 2030 energy model will be dependent on the cooperation of industrial, housing, transport, agriculture, and energy sectors. The new strategy is expected to spur the growth of investment in the public and the private sector by 2030.

In that regard, the development of smart cities is seen as an important element in the energy transition and climate change agenda. The MENA and Africa need to join this evolvement: the Smart Cities Congress in Algeria aims to be the high-level event gathering the two shores of the Mediterranean and the African continent each year by launching the first Congress in June 2022.

The Congress is going to take place under the patronage of the Algerian Ministries of Environment, Energy transition and RES, Housing Support and the National Waste Treatment Agency. It is organized by Symbiose Communication Environment and Event One Solutions International.

The Congress will be officially opened by

  • Mrs Samia Moualfi, the Minister of Environment

  • Mr Ziane Ben Attou, Minister of Energy Transition and RES

  • Mr Noe Van Hulst, International hydrogen adviser at Gas Unie and Adviser on Hydrogen at the IEA

  • Mr Adel Kaoula, CEO of Symbiose Communication Environment

  • Mr Ahmed M. El Wakil, President of the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME)

  • Mr Nasser Kamel, Secretary-General of the Union for the Mediterranean

  • Mr Enrique de Villamore Martin, director of the Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Consumption and Production at the UN Environment Program.

The Conference will have five panels:

  • Visions for the smart city

  • Smart city and energy transition

  • Sustainable buildings and cities

  • Smart city and circular economy

  • The new challenges and Local Governance.

You can access the detailed program with the speakers here

Companies from the following sectors are welcome to join the Congress as Exhibitors:

  • AIR EQUIPMENT, MATERIALS AND PRODUCTS: Analysis, measurement, monitoring, Treatment of gaseous pollutants, VOC Treatment, Particle treatment and dust removal, Treatment of odorous compounds, deodorization, Treatment of interior air, Transporting and extraction of gas and smoke, Air pollution control agents.

  • WASTE (ELIMINATION AND RECYCLING) WASTE COLLECTION AND TRANSPORT: Refuse collection containers, Maintenance/ Handling, Vehicles, superstructures, Flaying, Waste (disposal unit equipment.

  • WASTE TREATMENT AND RECYCLING: Mechanic treatment, Thermal treatment, biological treatment/ Composting fermentation, Tipping, Dumping, Treatment of disposal and infectious medical waste, Reclaiming and utilizing raw materials.

  • WASTE-RELATED SERVICES, PROJECT ENGINEERING, STUDIES AND CONSULTANCY: Controlled land­ (operating and management), Analysis, measurement, monitoring laboratories, Logistic, collection, transport, Laboratories for Analysis, Measurement and Control, Logistics, Collection, Transport, Secondary Commodity Trading, Production of secondary raw materials, Research, Processing and sorting, Valuation and Disposal.

  • CLEANING EQUIPMENT, HARDWARE AND PRODUCTS: Analysis, measurement, monitoring, Machines, Small items and accessories, Products.

  • SERVICES, PROJECT ENGINEERING, STUDIES AND CONSULTANCY: Cleaning contractors, Equipment hire, Street cleaning, Sewer cleaning.

  • ENERGY EQUIPMENT, HARDWARE AND PRODUCTS: Energy efficiency indicators, Analysis, measurement, monitoring, Wind power, Photovoltaic energy, Solar energy, Other renewable energies (geothermal, hydroelectric), Traditional energy production equipment, Sustainable building and high environmental quality, Combatting greenhouse gases.

  • SERVICES, PROJECT ENGINEERING, STUDIES AND CONSULTANCY: Research consultancies, consulting engineers for energy techniques, diagnostics and energy-saving, Burial of overhead power lines (LT, HT, EHT), Energy provider from new sources and renewables, Energy provider, Network (Gas, electricity, etc.) monitoring and planning.

  • SMART GRID: Telecom infrastructure operators and network architecture, Industrial networks public initiative, Editors/Integrators of Intelligent Software Solutions IoT, MtoM, Manufacturers/Distributors of electronic equipment and components for energy, Suppliers and producers of energy, Energy Operators, Providers of software solutions and Smart Grid applications, Providers of IT engineering services, interoperability techniques, optimization of energy expenditure, Software publishers for the analysis, collection and management of technical data for industry and building.

  • MOBILITY IN TRANSPORT: Vehicle and transport systems (outside rail), Taxis and minibuses, Buses, Tourism buses, Aircraft for passenger transport (models), Drive and control systems, Equipment and accessories, Systems for passengers registration and information, Rail vehicles and rail transport systems, Urban and Metropolitan railways, Tramways, Trains for short distances/Speed trains, Trains propelled, Long distance and Interurban trains, Magnetic suspension trains/New technologies, Drive and control systems, Equipment, additional equipment and accessories, Passenger registration and information systems.

For the exhibition registration and tariffs please follow this link and contact Mrs. Salima H. Steven

For visa arrangements and other logistic details, please follow this link and contact M. Adel Kaoula

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