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Ukraine's gas transit and European energy security: a pivotal role likely to endure?

1 December 2021, 6-8 PM, CET

The hybrid meeting: in person at the Brussels Press Club and via Zoom

As the year 2021 draws to a close on the back of the high-profile COP 26 climate meeting in Glasgow, the question of the gas supply to Europe has once again dawned upon us. While the climate debate continues to dominate the European media, energy consumers in the UK and continental Europe have been largely caught out by the recent surge in energy prices. The high prices, however, are clearly worrying for many on the continent. Some experts now advocate the need for Russia's Nord Stream II gas pipeline, believing that its launch can help alleviate the supply crunch. Others feel that Russia should continue to ship more gas through the existing supply routes to Europe, including Ukraine's mainstream gas transmission network. We know from past experience that these types of debates tend to gather momentum during the run-up to Christmas.

We have invited Yuriy Vitrenko, the CEO of Naftogaz Ukraine, for a frank discussion about some of the emerging challenges in the European energy markets. Many of us are familiar with the importance of Ukraine as a transit country for Russian gas supplies to Europe, a role that has been put under pressure by the commissioning of the Nord Stream I and II gas pipelines. That said, Ukraine remains an important part of any sustainable solution to European energy crises, as we have seen during supply disruptions in the past. During the ensuing BREC session, Yuriy Vitrenko will elaborate on how Ukraine's gas pipeline operator, Naftogaz, sees its role in the European gas supply picture looking ahead. This will allow us to hold a frank debate as to whether Ukraine"s pivotal role in European energy security is likely to endure — a question which continues to hold strategic value for Europe, for Russia and particularly for Ukraine.

Recording of the meeting


CEO of Naftogaz Group since 29 April 2021



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