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Ukraine's Gas Industry Reform: Towards a Market or a New Monopoly?

11 March 2015, 4:30 - 8 PM CET

TUSIAD Avenue des Gaulois, 13, Brussels 1040

Ukraine's government, taking into account its current imbroglio with Russia, appears to be taking a very pro-Western political stance. Is Ukraine's seemingly Europe-bound political choice reflected in its treatment of investors in the energy sector, both foreign and domestic, however? Kyiv is committed to deepening reform of its gas markets, taking into account various institutional arrangements with Brussels, but when it comes down to the "nitty-gritty", what is really happening on the ground?

The country's investment climate in the oil and gas sector, and in other sectors has generally not been seen as too "crash hot" during its years of transition to a market economy. While we could expect to see some improvements in the country's investment climate (in the energy markets) under the current government, is this really the case? 

Our guest speaker, Philip Vorobyov from JKX Oil and Gas, attempted to evaluate these questions in our usual, rigorous manner.

Program :

  • Welcoming remarks by Dr Bahadir Kaleagasi, Chairman, Brussels Energy Club

  • Setting out the debate by Dr Marat Terterov, Executive Director, Brussels Energy Club

  • Presentation by Philip Vorobyov, Commercial Executive, JKX Oil and Gas

  • Reflections and remarks by members and guests of the Brussels Energy Club, leading into Q/A session (NB: all discussions during the session will take place under the Chatham House Rule).

  • Buffet supper reception and networking opportunities with the speaker


Download PDF • 924KB


Commercial Executive, JKX Oil & Gas, London




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