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Russian perspectives on the changing nature of the European gas markets

4 July 2012, 1 - 5 PM CET

TUSIAD Avenue des Gaulois, 13, Brussels 1040

For years, Russia has been regarded as a "tough nut to crack" when it comes to investment in the country's energy sector. Its dominant role in supplying European gas markets has also been a permanent feature of any discussion on European energy security. That being said, technological and regulatory developments, as well as gas-to-gas competition from other producers are now bringing profound changes to the European energy markets, particularly in the gas and electricity sectors. The Third Energy Package, uncertainty surrounding the future of long-term gas supply contracts, possible entry of Caspian and Mediterranean gas and shale gas prospects all require careful consideration in terms of policy-making, investment decisions and dialogue for achieving win-win solutions.

During this presentation at the Brussels Energy Club, Vladimir Feigin elaborated on what he viewed to be a more optimal means of reconciling gas sector co-operation between the EU and Russia, taking into account security of supply interests on the one hand, and demand security on the other. He also shed light on how Russia, the EU and European energy companies could better converge their gas market strategies.


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Vladimir Feigin*, PhD (1946-2020) Russian Co-Chair, EU-Russia Gas Advisory Council; Senior Advisor on Energy to the Russian Government; President, Institute of Energy and Finance, Moscow




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