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Energy market outlook for the Balkans in an era of rapid change and energy transition

7 May 2019, 10:30 -14:30 PM CET

TUSIAD Avenue des Gaulois, 13, Brussels 1040

Energy debates in Brussels often overlook the Balkans when discussing considerations of energy security, sustainability and energy transition. Yet this region of Europe is highly significant for the EU. The Western Balkans, being at the heart of South East Europe, are key for EU energy security discussions due to the proximity of large-scale energy transportation routes traversing the region, where the presence of Russia tends to be significantly felt. 

Diversification of energy supplies remains a pillar of the EU's Energy Union, with Brussels supporting a nascent LNG project in Croatia. Yet the region is home to some of its own major players in the energy sector, with increasingly visible investment projects on the horizon.  Which projects are likely to come onstream in the foreseeable future, and how are these likely to determine the fuel mix of some of the bigger countries of the region?

Thank you for joining us at this membership meeting of the Brussels Energy Club for the lively discussion addressing these key questions. European Parliament elections candidate from Croatia, Davor Štern, led the discussion and provided a key note lecture on the topic of energy market outlook for the Balkans in an era of rapid change and energy transition. We also had Goran Radosavljevic from Serbia's Committee of the World Petroleum Council, who supported the discussion with his practical experience in this area.


DAVOR STERN Prezentacija Bruxelles (002)
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Former-Minister of Economy, Energy and Trade  of Croatia

Former-CEO of Croatian Oil and Gas Company INA

European Parliament Candidate EP Elections 2019




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