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Energy crisis in Europe and Israeli gas supplies: capturing opportunities and managing risks

26 September 2022, 5 - 8 PM CET

TUSIAD, Avenue des Gaulois 13, Brussels 1040


Europe is going through the midst of an energy crisis like never before. Russian gas deliveries have been halted on several occasions. The Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline is now suspended indefinitely. EU members appear set to introduce a raft of measures to cap prices and have already been bailing out major European energy companies starved of Russian gas. The European Commission is driving us towards unprecedented state intervention in energy markets. Political support for renewables remains strong and demand-side solutions are also on the table, but governments are now bringing back their dependence on conventional energy into the picture. Energy security is back and with a vengeance.

So where does this take us and what solutions can European citizens look forward to from our leaders in Brussels and member state governments? European leaders continue their jet set to the Caspian and other gas-rich regions in the EU neighborhood, in search of the El Dorado of alternative gas supplies for Europe.

And what of Israel, as a possible gas supply source for Europe? At a time when everyone is scampering to find marginal gas, Israel, as well as other ’new producers’ in the East Med area, appear to be well placed to contribute to Europe’s lust for energy security. Can Israel and other producers in the East Med region provide relief to some of the concerns of the EU decision-makers as Brussels seeks a full divorce from its gas marriage with Moscow? Please join us for our next BREC meeting with Gina Cohen on 26 September in order to hold a right old debate on these and many other thunderous questions.


Consultant, Author and Expert Commentator

Israel and East Mediterranean gas markets



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