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Brussels Energy Club addresses the visiting committee on energy from the Parliament of Thailand

On Friday 31 May 2024, Dr Marat Terterov, Principal Representative of the Brussels Energy Club (BREC), addressed a Delegation of the Standing Committee on Energy of the House of

Representatives of Thailand, during a roundtable meeting organised by the European Institute of Asian Studies (EIAS) in Brussels.

The Thai Delegation was in Europe on a study visit to Belgium and France. The Delegation was led by Ms. Wachiraporn Kanjana, Chairperson of the Committee, who was accompanied by over 20 Members of the House of Representatives of Thailand, including their policy advisers and support staff.

The purpose of the roundtable where Dr Terterov addressed the Thail Delegation and engaged its members in an extensive question and answer session, was to help Thai energy officials better understand the following:

  • The EU’s energy policy in delivering sustainable and affordable energy for European citizens

  • The EU’s energy policy in terms of producing and using clean energy to ensure the EU’s competitiveness

  • The EU’s promotion of renewable energy within the context of its climate leadership and international cooperation on clean energy

The Thai Delegation was in Brussels attending meetings with a number of important stakeholders working in the area of EU energy policy, including EIAS and BREC.


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