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BREC's Marat Terterov at the 15th Annual European Neighbors Conference

10 February 2023

BREC Principal Representative Dr. Marat Terterov Chaired a panel on the war in Ukraine at the 15th Annual European Neighbours Conference (15 ème Conférence Annuelle “Voisinages”) on 7 February 2023, organised by the Institute for European Studies of the Saint Louis University in Brussels (L’Institut d’études européennes de l’Université Saint-Louis Bruxelles).

To see the Program of the Conference, please open:

Programme de la 15ème Conférence Voisinages du mardi 7 février 2023- v. 4-2-23 (1)
Download PDF • 346KB

To read the Discussion Paper from the Panel I, please open:

15th Annual EU Neighbourhood Conference - panel on the war in Ukraine
Download PDF • 455KB

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