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European gas supply in roubles and the future of the EU - Russia gas relationship

7 April 2022

Online-video conference format

The meeting addressed the following central questions:

  • Is the war in Ukraine a game-changer for Gazprom and its European customers?

  • Why did Russia decide to adopt the new measure — payment for gas in roubles?

  • What impact will this likely have on Gazprom and the European market?

  • What scenario can we expect to unfold during April-May?

  • Will payment for Russian gas in roubles equate to circumvention of sanctions?

  • Are we heading towards a gas supply crisis of one form or another?

  • What shape will the gas trade between Gazprom and its European customers take by the end of the year?

The discussion was moderated by Dr Marat Terterov with active participation of BREC Advisory Board members and energy experts from the EU, Ukraine and Russia and other countries.


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