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Senior Advisor, Global Energy Markets

Mehmet ÖĞÜTÇÜ is a co-founder of the Brussels Energy Club. He provides strategic advice to large international energy groups and governments on access to fund-raising, investment, business growth in emerging market economies, M&A deals, commodity trading and risk mitigation. He chairs Global Resources Partnership, UK, sits on the boards of Genel Energy plc, Sisecam Group and Saudi Crown Holding, served as Special Envoy of The Energy Charter for MENA Region. He founded and chairs The Bosphorus Energy Club and The London Energy Club. Ogutcu was a Turkish diplomat, an advisor to the late Turkish Prime Minister, Turgut Ozal, a senior staffer at the International Energy Agency and OECD in Paris, a director for BG Group's international government affairs in London. He is also the chairman of the Washington-based Middle East Institute's International Advisory Board.

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