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Dr. Marat Terterov

Principal Representative Advisory Board Chair

Dr Marat Terterov is the Founder of the Brussels Energy Club and has chaired almost all BREC meetings since the Club’s inception in 2012. He was the Club’s original director and has become its interface since that time. He has over 25 years’ work experience in the sphere of international relations, including 15 in the domain of energy and climate. His experience has been derived through a diversified career working with and on behalf of international government organisations, the private sector, academia, NGOs and consulting. He is an expert on energy, geopolitics, security, conflict, terrorism and political risk assessment in Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East, the Caucasus and Central Asia. He speaks Russian fluently and has speaking capacity in Arabic, whilst holding a D.Phil. in Middle Eastern politics from Oxford University (2002). He is a prolific author-editor of voluminous written works, including books, monographs, articles, reports and policy papers on energy, security and politics covering the regions of his expertise. He is also a high level government relations professional, having been deeply engaged in international energy cooperation processes during the last decade. During this time, he has worked closely with top government decision markers in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, the UAE, Pakistan, Bangladesh, the United States, Israel, Australia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and a range of African countries. He has organised several high level ministerial conferences in the countries of his expertise and is a regular speaker on energy matters at multiple international events. He has a significant public profile on the internet and substantial experience working with the international media.

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