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Volkan Özdemir

Director of the Institute of Energy Markets and Policies (EPPEN)

Dr Volkan Özdemir is the Director of the Institute of Energy Markets and Policies (EPPEN), an energy think tank based in Ankara, Republic of Turkey. He is an expert on Russian, Caspian, Turkish energy markets and gas trade, pricing and geopolitics. Dr. Özdemir has a PhD in economics obtained in 2013 from the Moscow State University of International Relations (better known by its Russian acronym of MGIMO). The award of his Doctorate followed in depth research on the interconnected topics of the international gas markets and the economic aspects of the Russian-Turkish gas trade.

Dr. Özdemir has also worked with the Turkish Prime Ministry Under-secretariat for Foreign Trade, Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, as well as with BOTAŞ, the Turkish state pipeline corporation. Dr. Özdemir gives lectures on energy economics, security and diplomacy at different institutions, which are based on his regular publications on international energy matters. He makes frequent appearances at international public meetings on energy and speaks Turkish, Russian and English. Dr. Özdemir is a graduate of the department of International Relations at Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara, and further obtained an MA from Uppsala University, Sweden, focusing on energy cooperation and security in the Caspian region. His most recent commentary on the Russia-Turkey gas trade can be found here:

Volkan Özdemir
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