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Vladimir Feigin *

Russian Co-Chair, EU-Russia Gas Advisory Council;
Senior Advisor on Energy to the Russian Government;
President, Institute of Energy and Finance, Moscow

Vladimir Feigin is one of Russia"s leading experts in the sphere of energy scenarios, gas supply/demand outlook and in the context of Russia"s place in the European and global energy markets. He is the President of the Institute of Energy and Finance in Moscow and presently serves as the Russian Co-Chair of the EU-Russia Gas Advisory Council. He consults the government of the Russian Federation on matters of national energy security and has long been a member of Russian delegations and working groups in the context of the EU-Russia Energy Dialogue. He has also been a leading member of Russian delegations in the context of the Energy Charter process. Since 1999 Vladimir Feigin has also been a leading figure in the work of the Foundation for East-West Cooperation.

Vladimir Feigin *
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