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Timm Kehler

Chairman of the German Natural Gas advocacy "Zukunft ERDGAS e. V."

Since 2013 Dr. Timm Kehler has been serving as Chairman of the German Natural Gas advocacy "Zukunft ERDGAS e. V.", which represents the brand and product of natural gas and is the contact point for consumers, policymakers and market partners. Together with its more than 130 member companies, various affiliated industry associations and heating suppliers, Zukunft ERDGAS seeks to utilize the potential of the affordable, environmentally friendly and innovative energy source natural gas to further drive the energy revolution, today and in the future.

Between 2009 to 2015 Dr. Timm Kehler also was the CEO of erdgas mobil GmbH, a service provider offering infrastructure, sales and marketing services, which is now operated by Zukunft ERDGAS e. V. Previously, Dr. Kehler worked for the BMW Group in different managerial capacities for 12 years — among them as Vice President Marketing, Pre-Development and Innovation responsible for the marketing innovation think-tank, telematics and online services as well as the hydrogen vehicle initiative "BMW CleanEnergy". Dr. Kehler studied mechanical engineering and industrial design in Berlin and received his Ph.D. in engineering from Technical University in Berlin. In 2007 he was nominated "Young Global Leader" by the World Economic Forum.

Timm Kehler
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