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Shokhrukh Abdukakhkharov

Chief Speciliast
Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Shokhrukh Abdukakhkharov is a new generation young specialist currently working at the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of Uzbekistan, where his responsibilities include managing and coordinating activities related to the development of thermal, solar and wind power plants in the country. He supervises the tender processes, project documents negotiations with developers and lenders, and coordinates the communication between developers and government-related parties. He is rapidly developing turnkey experience in Uzbekistan's power sector and project management at the international level. Following completion of his tertiary education, he started his carrier in the position of Leading Specialist of the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade, which is responsible for the attraction of foreign direct investment into Uzbekistan. In his work for the ministry thus far, Shokhrukh has successfully led major IPP deals in the power sector for the development of new renewable and thermal power plants. Shokhrukh holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Development from Westminster International University in Tashkent.

Shokhrukh Abdukakhkharov
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