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Ahmed Mousa Jiyad

Iraq/ Development and Consultancy Research, Norway
Former-Senior Economist, Iraqi Oil Ministry and Iraq National Oil Company; Chief Expert, Council of Ministers; Director of OECD Dept., Ministry of Trade, Baghdad

Ahmed Mousa Jiyad is an independent development consultant and scholar. He is founder and owner of Iraq/Development Consultancy and Research (DC&R), Associate of the Centre for Global Energy Studies (CGES), London, and an energy senior expert mandated by the European Commission. He studied and graduated with a BSc in Economics (Univ. of Baghdad), a Post-Graduate Diploma in Planning (Univ. of Birmingham, UK), a MSc in Development Studies (Univ. of Bath, UK) and a MA from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy (Tufts and Harvard Universities, USA). He has over 40 years of extensive international professional and academic experience working with governments, local governments, academic institutions, the private sector, NGOs and international organisations in Iraq, the UK, the USA, Norway, and, with UN organizations, in Poland, former Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Uganda, Sudan and Jordan.

While in Iraq (1968-88) he worked as a lecturer at Almustansiriya University, senior economist with Ministry of Oil and INOC, chief expert and director at the Ministry of Trade, and chief expert and Head of Commission at the External Economic Relation Committee-Council of Ministers. Between 1975-88 he actively participated in negotiating major oil projects and contracts, financial agreements, project financing and bilateral economic and technical cooperation agreements. He left Iraq for the US in July 1988 as Fulbright Hubert H. Humphrey Visiting Fellow.

Jiyad is active scholar with regular participation in international conferences, workshops, seminars and related events. He has written and publishes widely since 1976 on energy and other developmental issues, and he is a regular contributor to academic, professional and industry journals and periodicals. Most of his recent contributions and publications can be found through the Internet search facilities Google, Bing and Yahoo. Ahmed M. Jiyad, an Iraqi-Norwegian citizen, was born in Iraq 1945 and has lived in Norway since October 1989.

Ahmed Mousa Jiyad
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